The Citizen's Card is a physical identification document that contains a chip (smartcard), allowing the Portuguese citizen to be identified before any public or private entity, in person or digitally.

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The Citizen's Card has replaced several other documents, aggregating in a single card the numbers of:

  • civil identification
  • fiscal identification
  • National Health Service (SNS) user
  • social security identification
  • The Citizen's Card has also replaced the voter's card (and respective number), and to vote you just need to present your Citizen's Card.

The Citizen's Card is the official identification document with legal value in Portugal and in European Union countries, and as a travel document in the Schengen area. For more detailed information, please visit the website


You can only do the Citizen's Card if you are already a Portuguese Citizen.

You can only do and pick up the Citizen's Card if you have an APPOINTMENT!


You can request the Citizen Card to be sent to your address. To do so, you must bring an express post envelope + SIgnature sticker.


To make an appointment you have to do it through the online appointments: Online appointments


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