In-person services are now available at the Consulate General. Starting June 14, 2021, a reduced daily number of appointments are available.


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 In person services - reopening


Conditioned by the pandemic, the Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto begins the first phase of the scheme to reopen in-person services as of June 14, 2021, starting, in that first phase, to provide a reduced daily number of appointments for passports , citizen cards, birth registrations and powers of attorney.

Appointments for marriage registrations, death registrations, residence certificates, luggage and motor vehicle import certificates are not currently available. Users should continue to use the CONSULADO EM CASA platform on the Consulate General’s website.

For cases of proven urgency or difficulty with the appointment system, please send an email to or call the emergency number 416 217 0966 (ext 259, 257, 225 , 227).

Thus, to minimize the simultaneous presence of users on the premises,

Select Schedules/Appointments;

  • Only 15 people will be simultaneously allowed inside the Consulate-General, thus users are requested to attend on the appointed date and time;
  • As well, by determination of the building administration, there will be a limited number of people in the lobby and elevators, which emphasizes the need for users to attend on the appointed date and time;
  • The use of a mask is mandatory for all users;
  • The presence of companions will only be allowed in circumstances that justify it (accompaniment of minors, elderly, people with disabilities);
  • Requests for information are made exclusively through the telephone number 416 217 0966, email or consult the Consulado-Geral website

The following consular acts do not require prior scheduling:

  • Collection of passports and citizen cards;
  • Document translations (which will be sent later by mail);
  • Certification of signatures on documents issued by Public Notaries;
  • Certifications of original documents issued by official Ontario entities.

Portugal Day 2021


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Watch here, live, the lighting in the colors of the Portuguese flag of Niagara Falls, for 15 minutes,  at 10 pm on June 10, 2021.

Suspension of in person services - LOCKDOWN

Following the new guidelines from the Government of the Province of Ontario guided at controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, reinforcing that Ontarians should stay at home as much as possible to minimize transmission of the virus, the in-person services at the Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto and the Honorary Consulate in Winnipeg remain suspended until further notice.

Thus, the Consulate General will continue to deal only with cases of proven urgencies, previously signaled to the email or to the emergency numbers 416 217 0966 (ext 259, 257, 225, 227).

Users are advised to visit the CONSULATE AT HOME platform on the website of the Consulate General, where the following consular acts are still available through the mail:

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

Marriage Registration

Death Registration

Luggage Certificate (transfer of household affects)

Certificate for importation of a motorized vehicle

Residency Certificates

Certification of notarized documents

Certification of official documents (Goverrnment/Police/University/School/Court)


Please be further advised that document pick up, namely citizen cards and passports, is suspended while the lockdown is in force, as decreed by the Ontario Government.

New Consul General

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The Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto is pleased to inform that Mr. José Manuel de Jesus Carneiro Mendes has assumed the role of Consul General of Portugal to the Provinces of Ontario and Manitoba and the Territory of Nunavut on August 31 2020.

Former lawyer, licensed by the Faculty of Law (Legal and Economic Sciences), University of Lisbon, Dr. José Manuel Carneiro Mendes, entered the diplomatic career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) in 1992, where he held a wide variety of positions, namely that of Coordinator of the Working Group created for the computerization of the Portuguese Consular Network;

After stays at the Diplomatic Missions of Portugal in Caracas, Sarajevo and Kiev, as the legal substitute for the Head of Mission, he also held the position of Head of Caucasus Affairs, during the periods of the Portuguese Presidency and troika (2001/2002/2003) in the Permanent Mission of Portugal to the OSCE in Vienna; Director of the Department of Professional Studies and Training Coordination in the General Directorate of Public Administration, in the Ministry of Finance; Head of the Dispensations and Privileges Division in the State Protocol Services of the MNE; Director of Services of Patrimonial and Expedient Administration in the General Department of Administration of MNE.

Most recently, he held the position of Chargé d'Affaires at the Portuguese Embassy in Islamabad (Pakistan), Consul General of Portugal in Düsseldorf and, now, Consul General of Portugal in Toronto.

Dr. José Manuel Carneiro Mendes is married to Maria do Céu Carneiro Mendes, with whom he has a son, Eduardo, 22 years old.

NOTICE - Reopening of the Consulate General

Following the guidelines of the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto, the Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto reopened to the public on August 5th 2020.

Thus, to ensure the protection of patrons, employees and their families, the following measures will be implemented:

  • Only 9 people allowed inside the premises at the same time, so we ask that you arrive at the Consulate General no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment;
  • As determined by building management, in order to guarantee a healthy distance between visitors, there is a limited number of people allowed in the lobby and in the elevators. Please make certain to appear on the day and at the appointed time;
  • The use of a mask is mandatory for all users;
  • The presence of companions is only allowed in justifiable circumstances (accompanying minors, the elderly and people with disabilities);
  • The collection of documents, which does not require prior scheduling, takes place in the morning, from 9 am to 11 am;
  • Information requests are made exclusively by phone 416 217 0966, by email or by consulting the Consulate General's website.

The following consular acts do not require prior appointment:

  • Collection of passports citizen cards and other documents;
  • Document translations (to be returned by mail);
  • Certification of signatures on documents issued by Public Notaries;
  • Certification of original official Ontario documents;
  • Proof of Life certificates.

Users are invited to visit the CONSULATE AT HOME platform on the Consulate-General's website, where a considerable range of consular acts are available by mail, without prior appointment or travel.



438 University Avenue, Suite 1400, Box 41
Toronto, ON
M5G 2K8

+(1 416) 217 09 66

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